“Europe won’t understand us!” These words we used to hear from the respectable politicians and public figures when nationalists raised the red and black flag on the Maidan, claiming “Glory to the nation!” These words were spoken when Lenin’s monument got knocked down and Bandera’s portrait was put at the entrance to Kyiv’s City State Administration.

But nationalists were an effective force, which had to be respected. Therefore, there was an unspoken rule, “You must attack Berkut, and we (politicians) will talk to the Europeans about peace, harmony, tolerance and European values.”
That kind of behavior was a trend. F. Fukuyama is known to have proclaimed the end of ideologies, because it seemed that there were no alternatives to liberalism (or rather cultural Marxism).
Several years have passed. Europe is gradually turning its face to the right-wing ideology. It is an inevitable process. Previously, the world had a strong swing toward liberal values, but now the pendulum begins to move in the opposite direction. Now ‘the turn to the right’ is beginning. Unfortunately, our enemy, Russia, has a huge influence on the right flank financing such movements as “National Front” in France, “Alternative for Germany” and many others. And even many of those movements without financial support are ideologically ignorant and consider Russia as a powerful stronghold of conservative values in the world. But we, Ukrainians, like nobody else understand the value of Russia and its ‘spirituality in the barracks’.
In fact, it is Ukraine, and not Russia, that is considered to be a bastion of Tradition in Eastern Europe since the Revolution of Dignity and the war gave birth to such phenomena as “Right Sector”, Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, “Azov” battalion and the Azov movement. Now Ukrainian nationalists are fighting the armed enemies at the front and ideological enemies in the rear.

The aim of our website is to cover news concerning Ukrainian right-wing movements and provide their English translation. The readers are offered the translations of works of contemporary Ukrainian ideologues, and translations of the works of European ideologues into Ukrainian.
The name of the website is associated with the holiday of Intercession of the Theotokos, known in Church Slavonic as Pokrov. It was known as the main holiday of Ukrainian Cossacks and the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Intercession of the Theotokos is also the holiday of Ukrainian nationalists. On this day, October 14, the mass marches and torchlight processions in all Ukrainian cities are traditionally held.
Besides, in Ukrainian the motto of the site is “POklyk KROVi” (which can be translated as “Call of Blood”). This is the call of the living, the dead and the unborn Ukrainians, that unites and inspires us to action!