Vseslav Volkov: Russia not for Russians. Why Vladimir Putin is not a Nationalist – 3

6.The Russian Federation is a growing Islamic, Asian state

The Muslim holidays of Uraza-Bairam (the Arab Eid al-Fitr) and Kurban-bairam (the Arab Eid al-Adha) are other important for understanding the essence of modern “RFia” holidays.

So, instead of thousands of words:

Moscow, the Russian capital


Saint-Petersburg, the «Northern Venice»…

As it is easy to guess, these holidays have a national scope in the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin congratulates Muslims  with them every year (in 2015 he did it being in the mosque and reading aloud the Qur’an [1]). At the same time and in the place same significant words sounded: “Russia is the successor to the Golden Horde!”[2]. Residents of the currently rapidly Islamizing Russia can hardly argue with this statement.

And such “Muscovites” from year to year prevail in the heart of the capital, on Red Square, during the New Year:

Every year in Russia, the number of Muslims is growing rapidly, both due to visitors from Central Asia and the Caucasus, and due to a number of Muslim republics of the Russian Federation (mostly North Caucasian – ethnically and culturally alien to the Slavs, highly criminalized and corrupt – even by the standards of Russia). Already, they are about 6.5% of Muslims among the Russians (that is, not counting about 20 million immigrants) , even according to official data.

Statistics of the economic portal RBC on immigrants in 2015: the total immigrants amount in Russia – from 10.2 to 20 million, illegal – from 3 to 10 million, illegal in Moscow – from 0.8 to 2 million.

An ordinary station of the Moscow metro. Nothing surprising.

Caucasian and silent Russian slaves. A very symbolic photo.

Crowd of V.Putin supporters: on the left – 2012, on the right – 2014.


Muslims, especially Caucasians, are very attracted by the service in the power structures of the Russian Federation. Their number in the law enforcement bodies of Russia is growing every year, they feel more and more confident there.

“Russian” policemen: Caucasian lezginka and Muslim namaz

The Russian army, so widely advertised, including abroad, especially after the Crimean events of 2014, is a separate story.

I have given below plenty of pictures of the relationship between Russian soldiers – ethnic Russians and ethnic minorities, mostly Muslims – so that you can really feel all the “power”, as well as the “Russian”, “Slavic”, “Nordic” spirit of the Putin’s army.

The most popular are humiliations of “brave Russian soldiers” by Muslim soldiers from Dagestan:

Chechens and Ingush (also the North Caucasus):

Other Caucasians (also predominantly Muslims) also do not stand aside:

The Islamist “finger up” (“Allah is One”) – this gesture is now considered a good form in this military unit

The same thing is done by even less “daring” Asians – Tajiks, Kalmucks, Kazakhs, Yakuts, etc.:

However, the most colorful “inter-ethnic climate” in Russia characterizes this incident that took place a year ago:

“Allah akbar!” – “Police, police, here is a woman wearing a hijab, with the head of a child in her hand!” – “No, it’s not interesting, it’s not a rally of Russian nationalists”

02/26/2016 Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a native of Uzbekistan, hired as a nanny for a 4-year-old girl in a Moscow family, cut off the head of her foster child and set fire to the apartment. During 40 (!) minutes, a woman wearing a black hijab and holding a bloody head of a child in her hand was walking along a busy street and urging passers-by to jihad “for Syria” until she was detained by the police. This happened near the entrance to the metro, in the prestigious district of Moscow, not far from the city center. It is noteworthy that at the trial Bobokulova was found insane and released from criminal liability for the acts committed. This means that the possible scenario is miraculous “healing” of the “nanny” in a few years and her release to freedom [3]. Comment is needless.

As in all the other thematic sections, those interested in the life of modern Russia can easily find on the Internet thousands of examples of both blatant behavior – up to open terror – from “new Russians” towards ethnic Russians, and frankly anti-national policies of the state on this issue.


7.Chechnya is the winner over Russia

A separate, very colorful, story of Russia’s domestic policy is the relationship between the Kremlin and the Islamic republic of Chechnya. In the early 1990s, the leadership of the republic decided to withdraw from the Russian Federation, which was accompanied by internal clashes, ethnic cleansing of the “non-indigenous population[4]». For this reason, in 1994-96 the First Chechen War took place, and from 1999 until about the middle of the 2000s – the Second. As a result of the second war, part of the separatists led by A. Kadyrov swore allegiance to the then new Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin, promising him the stabilization of the situation in the region.

Instead, Putin did not just “forgive” the Chechen fighters, who had cut off the heads of the captured Russian soldiers days before, but assigned them “heroes of Russia”, while the most prominent Russian officers, famous for their battles with separatists and therefore hated by many in Chechnya, were imprisoned[5]. The Kadyrovs – first a father (he died as a result of the terrorist act in 2004), and then – the son – got practically unlimited power in the republic, and often – beyond its borders. There is a large number of Kadyrov’s conflicts with federal Russian ministries (for example, because of their inability to exercise their authority in the republic or because of disputes over the amount of federal “help” to the region) from which he invariably emerges a winner.

Chechnya – that produces almost nothing, the real “economic hole” of Russia, – due to multi-billion subsidies from the state budget [6] is, however, much richer than most regions of the Russian Federation – Spending huge money on contruction of chic (quite tasteless) buildings or on one of the most expensive Russian teams – “Terek”. Kadyrov, in turn, lives as a small sheikh – with his palaces, army and hundreds of luxury cars.

It has long been obvious: Putin is afraid of Kadyrov.

R.Kadyrov and his army

This way, in the opinion of the leadership of Chechnya, a “respected person” should go.

Dances on the money of Russian taxpayers – the Chechen national tradition

Young R.Kadyrov is surrounded by Chechen terrorists, including the infamous S. Basayev, who, in particular,  captured in 1995 the hospital in the city of Budennovsk. About 150 people died, 415 were wounded.


And this is a street in Moscow and a bridge in St. Petersburg, named in honor of R. Kadyrov’s father – A. Kadyrov, also a terrorist who called on the Chechens “to kill as many Russians as you can.” It’s funny to hear after this the indignation of Russian politicians about the names of streets in the cities of other countries, isn’t it?

Is this Abu Dhabi? Maybe Doha? No, this is Grozny – the capital of Chechnya

 8.Whom does Russia belong to?

To understand the status of Russians in the modern Russia it is important to know who owns the national wealth of the country, primarily its minerals, the sale of which abroad constitutes the lion’s share of all export revenues of the state. For none of those who have any idea of ​​modern Russia, it’s no secret that the Russian Federation has an openly kleptocratic regime. It is important to note that ethnic minorities occupy an important place among oligarchic groups controlling and consuming the country’s main wealth.

In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked the richest families in Russia [7]. We will quote it, indicating the ethnicity of the families:

  1. the Rothenbergs (5,55 млрд USD) – Jews;
  2. the Gutserievs (4,85 млрд USD) – Ingush (the North Caucasus);
  3. the Ananjevs (4,6 млрд USD) – Russians;
  4. the Sarkisovs (2,7 млрд USD) – Armenians;
  5. the Shaimievs (2,3 млрд USD) – Tatars;
  6. the Mutsoyevs (1,52 млрд USD) – Yezidis (the North Caucasus);
  7. the Magomedovs (1,4 млрд USD) – Avarians (the North Caucasus)
  8. the Bazhaevs (1,24 млрд USD) – Chechens (the North Caucasus);
  9. the Aminovs (1,12 млрд USD) – Jews;
  10. the Zubitskys (0,7 млрд USD) – Jews.

“9 kings of Russian real estate.” Of the 9 top-oligarchs of the real estate market – no one is ethnically Russian. A good illustration of 2013 from the portal Sputnik and Pogrom (at that time it could still be called nationalist and opposition).

A separate issue is the gradual expansion of China in the Russian Far East, which is supported by the Russian authorities. In addition to several islands on the Amur River, simply “donated” to the PRC during the years of Putin’s rule, the Kremlin took even more significant steps in this direction: in 2015, 115,000 hectares of agricultural land in the Trans-Baikal region were given to the Chinese for rent for 49 years. In addition, in the same Trans-Baikal region, for the same 49 years, 1,844,407 hectares of forests adjacent to the state border with China were leased for cutting by the Chinese [8]. For the sake of the Chinese expansion in the Far East, the Government of Russia specifically developed the concept of “territories of advanced development”, which provides, in particular, the possibility of importing foreign workers to such territory without any restrictions.

Most likely, in 49 years – given both China’s overpopulation (and the devastation of the Russian Far East) – these vast areas will be inhabited mainly by the Chinese. If not, our “Eastern brothers” (with their known “love” for ecology) will simply leave there a lifeless desert, taking all the resources away.

A clear picture. The title of the article reads: “China takes patronage over Transbaikalia. The Celestial Empire asks to ensure the resettlement of [its] citizens “

Such maps of China hang in Chinese schools. According to them, the Russian Far East is the territory of the PRC, and according to the official historical literature of China, “Siberia is Temporarily Lost Territory of the Celestial Empire”


9.Gay Parades: not approved, but have long become reality

Contrary to the stereotype (which is frequently encountered in the West) that the very possibility of gay pride parades in Russia is unthinkable, public actions of the “LGBT community” have long become part of the socio-political and cultural life of the modern Russia. At the same time, the notorious legal norm on the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality among minors is rather a populist profanation of real struggle.

It makes no sense to go into detail in this issue, I will only give the two most colorful illustrations:


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[4] 25 years ago, only about 70% of the population of the republic were Chechens, now – about 99%

[5] The most prominent of them was Colonel Yu. Budanov, a very popular military man in the army, who many times rescued whole troops of the Russian army by his decisive actions. He was accused of raping and killing a Chechen girl and after his release from prison in 2011 he was demonstratively killed in the center of Moscow. Despite the extraordinary popularity of Budanov among the people and the massive indignation of this event, only several hundred people from the 15 million-Moscow came to the funeral of Budanov in the summer of 2011… That is why the very question “Why there was no social uprise of Russians that days?”would sound ridiculous…

[6] According to R. Kadyrov, “It is Allah who gives him the money”

[7] http://www.forbes.ru/forbes/issue/2014-09/265621-10-bogateishikh-semei-rossii

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[9] One of the main Russian pop bands of the late 1990s and early 2000s, which gained national fame through the song “I’m crazy,” singing out lesbian “love”.

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