Sviatoslav Sapsan: “National democracy: inequality of votes”

Why should not everyone vote in the Ukrainian state?

“National democracy is a legalized system with a determining role belonging to the indigenous people in national constructing and state’s functioning, when only elected representatives of the people can create laws, rule the society and judge citizens.”

The fact that democracy has many disadvantages and is quite harmful to the healthy society has been already spoken about, but even now there is no alternative to it. However, not everyone pays attention to the fact that democracy in a modern society is really one-sided and becomes a kind of dictatorship and defends interests of those who invest their money in it.

Liberals successfully use democracy promoting and implementing their ideas.

Promoting liberty-permissiveness, people in power have turned democracy and the idea of freedom into the system of submitting the world to themselves.

Ancient Greeks, creating democracy, gave the right to vote only to free men. Slaves, women and foreigners were barred from taking part in voting. Only those who had appropriate knowledge and skills for making adequate solutions and were originally connected with the country could influence the public and the political life. Women whose mission was to provide parenting and keep the family hearth, the slaves who worked in farming of their masters, the foreigners who have no relations with the country could not influence the policy and accordingly couldn’t have the right to vote.

What do we have then?

Nowadays, in conditions of a democratic society, every citizen has the right to vote. It doesn’t seem to be something special, everyone is equal before the law and everyone has the same impact on the political situation in the country. However, do all the people deserve the right to vote?

Taking into account the fact that people adherent to the national idea (ideally) should tackle political questions, then the people with citizenship should be involved in the electoral process. Now the overwhelming majority of population are citizens of Ukraine and have passports. Though, in the national state in order to obtain citizenship the applicants must prove that they deserve it. Each applicant for citizenship should take the exam, which would encompass the language skills, the knowledge of Ukraine’s history, culture, national symbols and basics of the national Constitution.

Those who do not pass this exam, won’t receive passports and cannot become citizens of Ukraine. They should have a document to identify their personality but should not have full citizenship. Accordingly, they will not be allowed to vote in the election. The people who in any way have been involved in separatism, treason and anti-Ukrainian activities won’t get citizenship either.

In addition, only those who work and pay taxes [for a future national state] can take part in the electoral process. Since the working people benefit the state and society and, therefore, have the right to choose who they want to see in power and who will work to ensure their interests. Citizens, who do not work and therefore do not pay taxes, lose their right to vote because their votes cannot be equal to the votes of a man who works contributing to the development of the state. But there can be exceptions for people who are engaged in creative or research activities without being formally employed.

Generally speaking, the right to vote must be deserved. In the conditions of national democracy, the public policy should be carried out by supporters of the Ukrainian national idea, those who think and act in the interests of the nation. Only then can we build an Independent Ukrainian State, which will act in the interests of the titular nation, in the name of God, Ukraine and Freedom.

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