Andriy Rybalko: Liberals as the forerunners of neo-totalitarianism

I see that most of the supporters of liberal ideology become the forerunners of neo-totalitarianism. People who praise the principle “human rights above all!” actively support initiatives to control the personality.
“SIM-cards by passport are a great European initiative! For security and against scammers. ” They are just forgetting that in Russia (which is far from human rights values) the story is the same. But there are more scammers than in Europe, and dubious phone numbers are registered on “Mohameds” and “Abdullahs” that never left the mountains, or even are not alive.
“We will abandon cash and we will pay with cards!”. To ensure that all human purchases can be tracked: from yoghurt to condoms.
“We will install more cameras on the streets in the cities!” To overcome crime.
The meaning of the past is that it will never be. We are being actively “scared” that totalitarianism is “Sieg Heils”, swastikas, concentration camps and mass military parades. In fact, neither Hitler nor Stalin could now establish total control over society.
To capture the world, it’s enough to grab Google.

Andriy Rybalko

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