Happy birthday, Trump!

Today, the leader of the American nation, Donald Trump, celebrates his 71st birthday.

Once the leader of the Canadian conservatives, Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote: “A stranger landing on the shores of the United States immediately affects the dynamism of this new civilization. People are hurrying in the streets. Hurry to live: so few days are given to life, and so richly great things need to be done! You can be surprised when you think how much it has been done for only one century on this rich earth! The cities stretched out where the prairies recently reached. The railway lines run to all sides. The impulse given by the first colonists still lives in this people. He set in motion imagination, and his will always obeyed. ”

Our classic Dmitry Dontsov in his article “The Spirit of Americanism” said: “That American anxiety and thirst exceed all, and all that was in the first emigrants, in the fighters for independence, they are as well in their present descendants – as if such different, and – in fact – similar to their ancestors “.

We wish this man good health, inspiration in the struggle against Cultural Marxists to establish the ideals of the good old America and preserve the impulse that civilized the wild American lands brought by the first European colonists.

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