Anton Konev – Hero of Ukraine

“Today in Khabarovsk (Russia, the Far East region) Anton Konev, a young man, born in 1999, entered the local office of the FSB (the secret service which is the main enemy of the nationalists and all the dissidents in the country), and shot everyone he could. As a result, two FSB agents (both – non-Slavonic, allegedly Muslims) were killed, several wounded.

The Hero was shot by return fire and died on the spot.

It is known now that the weapons (40 items) were stolen from a local shooting club. Accordingly, it is possible to suspect that the underground has a group of rebels.

These guys and the like are strategic partners of Ukraine. And it is Ukraine that must support them. Our partner is the one who shoots at our enemy.

“Recall that Khabarovsk is the “Green Wedge” area that was colonized by ethnic Ukrainians. “- said Bogdan Titsky from the “Black Committee” organization.

“A good man, who currently held fire in the reception of the FSB and was killed in a shootout, did work for the Security Service of Ukraine, for the Ukrainian military intelligence, for Ukrainian activists – who have not committed any sabotage on the territory of the enemy yet.

This good man is to be awarded (posthumously) Ukrainian state award, our state must pay his family a pension.

If the authorities ignore this matter, let us make a donation. There is the award “People’s Hero”. It is appreciated by fighters and volunteers. To all those who have relation to this award: pay attention to this, so far unknown, hero. “- Dmitry Korchynskyi, famous Ukrainian nationalist.

UPD: Russian mass media tried to blacken the memory of Anton, arguing the guy was a Muslim terrorist (even a member of the ISIS) and that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” while shooting. However, this is unequivocally refuted both by his account in social media  and by the recalls of his friends (for example of this one – the interview is in Russian: ), who confirm he was a Russian National Socialist.

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